The Cotehardie Sleeve Generator

This Sleeve generator, will provide a basic sleeve shape for a Cotehardie. It is based on a combination of sleeves from several example from the extent find in Greenland. This is not an exact copy of a sleeve but to give a stylistic look that would be appropriate.

This pattern is intended to provide a mock-up. Though it might fit perfectly, it still might need some alteration. The Sleeve style is a slight loose pull over sleeve. Once a mock-up is made, it can be draped on the person to fit more closely if you want or even modify it to a buttoned sleeve instead of a pull over.

A note on the pattern, One Square equals 1 inch, There is no seam allowance on the sleeve, The red lines represent the sleeve. The green line is an optional seam line. I personally prefer putting the seam there and having the gore on the sleeve (maybe later I'll had my theory on this, but I find the sleeve more comfortable when fitted with the seam). The Armscye is not as smooth as I wanted, Right now there are made with two have circles. When making your mock-up, make sure that the line is more smooth like a sign wave, and should equal your armscye measurement. the width is correct. One Last thing, There is no seam allowance on the pattern.

If you notice that the image is missing grid lines, it is because the image size is greater then your screen resolution, and your browser as scaled the image to fit your screen. Either expand the image to full size or go back and pick a smaller pattern size (Large 800x800, medium, 500x500, small 300x300)

Pattern Size
Large Medium Small
Sleeve Length:
Duck Hand:

Using the form:
Pattern size: this will select the size of the image, a large image is 800x800 and small image will be 400x400
To Generate the armscye and width of the sleeve, you can either enter in the chest measurement or the actual armscye of the garment. This number should be in inches (I might add a unit choice later)
The Sleeve length is how long you want the sleeve to be, and is again, in inches
The Duck Hand is the measurement around the widest part of the hand, with the thumb tucked in under the hand. IE when viewed from the side it look like a duck head. This measurement is so that the sleeve can be pulled over the hand, and is in inches.
Finnally Remember there is no seam allowance on this pattern
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